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About the vacancies for 2024

Union City, NJ, USA

We are currently seeking one (1) in-person teacher to work part-time in the evenings.
Our location is at 507 43rd St (near Bergenline Ave.).

More detailed information would be provided during the interview.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

We are currently seeking 2 in-person teachers & 1 online teacher:
One (1) teacher would start as soon as possible. The rest one would start in March. We will need more teachers later this year to form a new team.

Teachers will have access to:
 • Steady income throughout the year
 • Class materials
 • An online library with hundreds of lesson packets
 • Paid weekly training hour
 • Annual paid vacation (the last part of December)

Part-time schedule: Afternoons and evenings, fixed schedule.
Initial in-hand fixed monthly payment: ARS 310,000.00 to ARS 350,000.00  (It will increase progressively).

Part-time schedule: Evenings, fixed schedule.
Initial in-hand fixed monthly payment: ARS 210,000.00 to ARS 280,000.00 (It will increase progressively).

*Full-time positions might also be available, depending on teacher’s performance and availability of students.

Teacher with in-person positions would need to work at our location: 624 Belgrano Ave., in the San Telmo / Monserrat area, Buenos Aires.

Profile description

ONLY apply if you meet the TWO conditions…
 You have a native-like accent: You are a native speaker, or have a native-like accent, or have lived and/or studied in an English speaking country for 5 or more years and achieved a C2 level (or equivalent).
 • You are a certified teacher of English: You have a TEFL or TESOL certification, or an Education degree, or a degree on Language Teaching. Any additional certification related to the English language is a plus.

→ Preferred age range: 22 to 35.

IMPORTANT: You will ONLY be contacted if you send in your audio message either by email or WhatsApp. You will receive further instructions by email.

*We will need your email and/or phone number.

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